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Plus the can ge top coated with the 2 part acrylic gloss clear I spray after all the trim and graphics are on to fuelproof the paint. It seemed like the thinned paint stayed wet longer in the pot, but dried quickly enough when on the plastic. I clean up with mineral spirits or turpentine that I use to clean the brush when I use enamels, and the Alclad cleans up easier than the enamels do. I am not questioning your information I am just asking if there is a difference? I’m so excited for today’s post because I’m sharing an amazing universal paint that have used for 20+ years for painting metal, glass, ceramics, plastics and more. Get a bottle of 1200 or Mr Base White 1000 and thin it down 2-1 with Mr Leveling Thinner, and you'll have an awesome primer coat that can be sanded to baby bottom smoothness. I just have a question for you the Testors Airbrush thinner in the black can that is sold for the Model Master Enamels smells just like regular paint thinner and not lacquer thinner. It turned the paint to cottage cheese; the pigment just clumped up. I've had really great results using alcohol as an acrylic thinner for paints from Tamiya, Gunze Sangyo (Aqueous/Mr.Hobby), Vallejo, Italeri, and Akan (don't try this with Testors Acryl, it took some time to clean the resulting goo from my airbrush). At around $2 for a quarter ounce, Testors paint is expensive. Testor Corp. Testors Enamel Plastic Model Paint Thinner & Brush Cleaner, 1.75 oz. By signing up you may also receive reader surveys and occasional special offers. I have no idea how one picks lacquer thinner for speed. (I haven't used the Model Masters line yet...). It is a water-based product with no harmful chemicals or odors. I have tried to use lacquer thinner-Auto Zone's store brand-to thin a jar of Testor's enamel, Gloss Copper. I've decided to use all enamel, pretty much. Available Sizes. You add thinner until the paint is the correct consistency of painting or brushing. I've just never used it. I'm also using an airbrush for most of my painting. I have used Klean-Strip Green from Ace and it works fine on clean up. I like the Extra Thin but the regular has it's uses, too. Refill jars for common colors. I don’t use it just for cleanup anymore. We do not sell, rent or trade our email lists. However, the thinner in the Testors can of "Enamel Thinner" is actually "Mineral Spirits" that allows for much slower cure times and thus more 'leveling' of the paint. I do know some folks use tricloro for thining it, but I have not had as good a results with that. 4.7 out of 5 stars 104. https://www.michaels.com/testors-metallic-enamel-paint/M10060852.html Lacquer thinner will flatten gloss paints. I'll have to experiment with the turpentine more.. Last edit at 10/22/20 13:46 by dcorreia. Guys I'm 40 years old, and until I started to read these forums I had always considered these three to be the same. Enamel. Our community is FREE to join. I find I have to use a bit more thinning with the mineral spirits. This brief run-down will help you decide what's best for you. I now hold out for mineral spirits or turpentine, looking for that title on the cans. Let me explain, Simply adding reducer by itself, whether it be water alone or store-bought, can result in what is known as under binding of the paint. viper21 - I use Model Master enamels a lot - or at least used to. For Mr Surfacer, I love using the 1200 for primer, but never got any control with the aerosol can. Testor Corp. Testors Enamel Plastic Model Paint Thinner & Brush Cleaner, 1.75 oz 4.7 out of 5 stars 528. After I let the trim colors sit for a week and I apply my new graphics from Bill Fulmer at Custom Cut Graphics. Regular vinegar will work as both a thinner (diluted) and remover (in full strength form). Model Master Chrome Silver 17178 1/2 oz. Does anyone know if there is a huge difference, can I use the regular paint thinner to thin the paint? You don't need any thinner for MM Metalizers or Alclad. If I'm reading you and Rumple correctly, you would use turpentine or mineral spirits to thin and clean lacquer (as well as enamel), and stay away from lacquer thinner as much as possible. Hi CafeenMan, thank you for the reply. I only use mineral spirits or turpentine for thinning, except when I can get actual Testors airbrush thinner. And I too use the same process as you do to thin the paint but I buy my jars from Badger on there website direct they are cheaper than in the hobby stores but I will check out Micro Mark. I usually give them a week. Most Model Master and Testors "Acrylic" paints are pre-thinned for airbrushing. Sub-Categories for Testors Hobby and Model Paint. dio sol substitute/ floquil thinner Posted by drgwcs on Saturday, July 21, 2018 1:18 PM Went to an estate sale today and got a big box of Testors paints for a buck. The Extra Thin has a thinner brush which I like better. Thanks! (85 g) can of Clear Lacquer Overcoat Spray Paint. Copyright © 2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. To participate you must either login or register for an account. That's somewhat counter to the usual advice... you can buy enamel thinner in bulk for one heck of a lot less than a Testors Label can, and it works every bit as well. All opinions are my own. Thanks for the input, and thanks to all who answered - I read them all, and try to take all the info I receive into account. 84. I wanted to edit this post, as I've learned a little more and don't want to be spreading false info. I have never had to thin Alclad. Model Shop - Model Making - Super-Hobby.com - Modelling goods, scale models, plastic models, modelling tools, paints, literature, chemicals, and more. I use Testor's dullcoat when repainting rolling stock and such. And then I am using the Model Masters to paint the trim. You go through a lot of it to get a good shiny coat down, but the results are fantastic if you follow the proper prep. Testors has not announced they discontinuing any Testors products, only Model Master, Aztek and a few others. I have used the model master airbrush thinner and it works fine. After a session run some thinner … I think it's a mix of xylene, mineral spirits and other stuff. T.R.P.S. with water! I'm not sure why this stuff is recommended on modeling forums as a substitute to testors thinner, when it doesn't work. Paint thinner and mineral spirits both work well for cleaning oil-based paint, but there are subtle differences, including odor and cost. Unfortunately, the cans I saw at Home Depot didn't really say 'regular' or 'fast' on them, just the green one said it was a substitute for regular. I know now, that even testors airbrush thinner, will do the same.. You can use xylene (xylol), turpentine, mineral spirits, acetone, MEK, lacquer thinner, etc. Mostly I use Tamiya acrylics on my plastic models now and use Model Master enamels for brushing small details and for washes. Well my question is this the thinner smells just like regular paint thinner that I can buy at Home Depot for 5 bucks a gallon as oposed to 7 bucks a pint at the hobby store or online. So I don't know how well it airbrushes. David Correia Edited 1 time(s). You're better off getting the hobby lacquer thinners and using the bulk Home Depot stuff for airbrush cleaning. When you run out of thinner, buy a can of mineral spirits. And thanks again to all who answered. I have never had much luck using lacquer thinner with Testors enamels. I usually use my enamel thinner (turpentine) to clean up for a quick cleanup, but sometime soon afterwards I do run some lacquer thinner through it. Invest in a quart and run some experiments using scrap plastic instead of your current masterpiece in progress. And then I will spray my 2 part acryic gloss clear thinned 100%. This is a 1/4oz (7.5ml) glass jar of Enamel Paint Thinner. Just my experience with thinners, I find more consistent and predictable results when using paint store brands, as opposed to the "one size fits all" types often sold at the hardware stores. Maybe they changed the formula or it's too strong. Has a high degree of self-leveling, flows more smoothly and dries more evenly. If anything alclad's a bit thin. I do not have any Floquil thinner, so what would be a good substitute to thin the paint that I could use? I was thinning them about 30% from the jar just enough to flow through a medium needle and tip on my Crescendo airbrush? I know some folks who say they have, but I do not get that great a result. Also, I want to start using Mr. Surfacer, and understand that it cleans with lacquer thinner as well. Puts Testors about where they were prior to 1982 - … If you brush, use mineral spirits. I am using an automotive silver basecoat I got from a friend in Germany with its thinner. I use it for cleaning my airbrush when I am done spraying but I haven't tried it yet and I was curious if someone else has tried the regular paint thinner. Purportedly enamels, they thinned pretty much the way that sand thins in water – not at all. Can be used for models, ceramic, plastics, leather, stone, metal, styrofoam, crafts, wax, glass, paper, figures, fabric, wood and touching up purposes. It did get paint off though.. Flight deck:  Hasegawa 1:48 P-40E; Tamiya 1:48 A6M2 N Type 2 ('Rufe'), Elevators:  Airfix 1:72 Grumman Duck; AM 1:72 F-4J. Also says it can be used just like regular thinner for all purposes. I have seen something called Matt Medium but I am not sure what kind of coat that produces, especially over new decals and weathering. Paint thinner is really a colloquial term that refers to a solvent that excels at stripping and/or thinning paint. And always use the same thinner as the paint you use. I have found, to my surprise that the generic lacquer thinner from Walmart works well for thinning Testors enamels. Acrylic. I have these Tamiya cements. Versatile use on styrol resins, styrofoam, wood and all common model plastics. The problems I had with klean-strip laquer thinner all had to do with it melting a lot of my ship deck. $24.84 $ 24. As far as enamel thinners are concerned, "turpentine" can sometimes be a little suspect as many forms of it are distilled from tree resin. However, each type of thinner may have some residual effect, Turpentine and mineral spirits tend to slow the drying process and add a sheen to the paint. I haven't used testors since I was a kid. You may need to check out an auto-paint supplier to find more specialist products. What I don't like about the regular one, is the rather large, thick tipped brush. It's solvent-based-- you'd need to thin it with paint thinner. Out of habit, I buy quart cans of DuPont. Don't mix Testor's enamel! It sometimes clumps the enamel. Not suitable for polyethylene or vinyl. I used it to strip paint off of styrene and it melted some of the plastic, and made it crack. It's best to prime the model first before applying their acrylic paint. Testors Glosscote Spray Paint Glosscote 3 Ounce Can This is a 3 oz. Thanks Guy's, I thought it was the same stuff because the thinner in the black can smells just like mineral or paint thinner. Using lacquer and enamel thinners that I buy at an auto body supply store, they work as the product is intended. Lacquer. Unless you have a brand of "lacquer thinner", that you know works for you, be careful, and maybe only get "mineral spirits", or "turpentine", like Don said. TAMIYA America, Inc Super Large Bottle Acrylic Paint, X-20A Thinner, TAM81040 4.8 out of 5 stars 706. Hi all, I use the Testors Model Master Enamels(solvent versions) line of paint to airbrush trim colors on my planes both glow and electric and Jets and prop planes. A quart-sized can will outlast 128 Testors bottles, while costing about as much as four of them. I saw a video (Swanny's) in which he thins his enamel with what he calls 'regular' lacquer thinner. Model Master Paint is certified non-toxic, washes up with water or Testors Acrylic Cleaner (see REQUIRES). Marker. The mineral spirits feel very close to testors, but maybe better. Sets. I suspect that you could paint with it directly, but if you do find that it's too thin a few drops of thinner would be enough. The primary issue is the risk of over thinning of the paint which in the case of Testors acrylics can easily happen. I also know now that people are usually talking about airbrushing when they mention this. That said, I haven't brush-painted with it in a long long time, so I can't say much about it, sorry. Just fwiw. I have Testors Lacquer Thinner, but i do not think it is compatible. The Testors paint thinner bottle is only a quarter ounce in size, so it doesn’t last long. You can clean the AB with the pricey Alclad Airbrush Cleaner, but $5 Quick Klean from HD works just as well. But I don't use it to thin their paints. I've used it to clean since and works better than the white spirits (stronger). $3.99 shipping. Official Blog of Dr. Shamrahayu A. Aziz. 1/2 oz. Now I'm questioning myself. When it to comes to pinpointing a solvent’s application, the answer is sometimes found in the solvent’s very name — paint thinner, for example. You've given me plenty of info, and I think I've got a handle on it now. He says to avoid 'fast' lacquer thinner, because the solvents are too hot and melt plastic. I do have an old sable paint brush that I use for the regular. I've thinned Model Masters with mineral spirits and it works. I have some Floquil paint that is starting to get thicker in the bottle. My understanding is that lacquer thinners come in three grades "slow","medium" and "fast" in terms of volatility and how "hot" they are. I once tried a can of enamel thinner from a local hardware store, on opening it at home I saw it was white, when trying to use it for enamel thinning it just resulted in a stringy, viscous reaction. Turpentine is often used with artists oils, but you may need to compatibility test with your favourite enamels. I use the (something) green stuffs for cleaning bottles, but have never used it to actually thin lacquer paint. There is another product available, you may be familiar with, called T.R.P.S. The hobby grade lacquer thinners, though, seem a bit less hot than the store can, and if you go with Mr Leveling Thinner it also comes with a retarder. Thin paint by adding thinner drop by drop, until your consistency has been achieved. I tried thinning testors enamel with it, and it seemed to gunk up the brush, and separate away from the paint like oil and water. One thing I missed in the original post was referring to Alclad. However, acrylic medium will not breakdown the paint like water or regular thinner will. is all I use for my Model Master enamels with excellent results, in place of the Testors brand thinner. I know to only use regular lacquer thinner to thin the paint, but I saw some stuff at Home Depot called Kwik Strip Green. Most Testors paints for plastic models do. Can't say for sure. To spray my H9 150 Mustang that I am stripping the covering off and fiberglassing. Hi Don. A general rule of thumb is to thin your paint down to the consistency of milk. I usually use an automotive paint for the base colors and the Model Masters for trim when I dont need allot of paint. Yes, I sometimes clean the airbrush bottles with lacquer thinner. Hobby and Model Enamel Paint. The turpentine smells terrible, and seems a little oily, or there's something off about how it feels being brushed on. I do know some folks who use acetone for thinning lacquer. He says to avoid 'fast' lacquer thinner, because the solvents are too hot and melt plastic. I can use lacquer thinner to clean Testor's paints off brushes or to clean the threads of the jar lids. I'm going to use some metallizer (burnt iron) on my next project, which is lacquer, and am trying to get a little ahead of it, since I've never used a lacquer on models before, or ever, IIRC. All rights reserved. Home; Mengenai saya; Penulisan; Hubungi saya; testors enamel thinner substitute Can says it's a substitute for regular lacquer thinner, but that it has no petroleum distillate in it (there is a 'green' alternative of some kind), and that it contains 99% less air pollutant, whatever that means (sounds good, though). This is flammable and toxic. I should have mentioned earlier that I don't have and airbrush set up, and use brushing and spray cans. Have you airbrushed them with lacquer thinner and how much do you thin them? A Name Says a Lot – Paint Thinner. I've got to say, I like the mineral spirits better than turpentine. Mona Lisa Brush Cleaning Tank - With a galvanized screen for cleaning brushes, and a tight fitting lid for storing cleaning fluid for reuse.Mona Lisa Pink Soap PowerWash - Pink Soap Power Wash is the most powerful non-toxic synthetic brush cleaner on the market. It’s my little secret weapon for so many different types of projects! I think the turpentine might make a good vehicle for a wash. Maybe it wont strip the layer underneath like the testors thinner did. I will spray the Platinum paint (you wouldl't believe how close it looks to polished aluminum. 4.7 out of 5 stars 525. We also have mineral (white) spirits, which seems somewhat less oily than mineral turpentine. I was wondering if there are any alternative larger rattle can brands that would give the same finish as the dullcoat. Somehow Testors enamel thinner for airbrushes isn’t working for me! I have tried artists oil thinners, very pricey and increases the drying time to days or even weeks, same with boiled linseed oil, another traditional artists oil painting thinner, does leave a nice even paint film though, you just have to put the model away out of the dust for a while between coats. I saw a video (Swanny's) in which he thins his enamel with what he calls 'regular' lacquer thinner. I use Testors Model Master enamels and Humbrol, and thin them with lacquer thinner for airbrushing, and paint thinner for hand brushing. Enamel is the most popular of the 8 testors hobby and model paint categories, then Acrylic, and Marker. or (Turpentine Replacement Paint Solvent),a not-so-noxious alternative to Pure-gum Terpentine that has the same great thinning qualities for hobby enamels. Today’s post is brought to you by Testors paints. $9.99. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Unfortunately, the cans I saw at Home Depot didn't really say 'regular' or 'fast' on them, just the green one said it was a substitute for regular. Does anybody know if this stuff can be used for painting models and cleaning up Mr. Surfacer, etc.? I like them because they have allot of Federal Standard number colors. Here in Australia, we have a product called "mineral turpentine", a petroleum distillate which is quite similar to mineral spirits. Kerosene (the common type used in outdoor cooking grills) works perfectly, too. View our, Tools, Techniques, and Reference Materials, From: Democratic Peoples Republic of Illinois. I use Model Master acrylics from time to time, mostly in brush-painting figures (they have several versions of caucasian skin tones for one). Hi CafeenMan, yes your right the Model Master Enamels take at least 4 days to get hard. That will save me some money I wont need too spend 6 bucks for a pint of thinner when I can get a gallon for same price:D. If you spray, then use lacquer thinner. It is thin enough for good airbrushing the way it comes. Rumor is the color selection for the 1/4oz square paint bottles will expand a bit. So if you need a certain color they usually have it and you can order direct off their website so you dont need to hunt them down at three different hobby shops( been there done that) They spray beautifully with my airbrush when thinned about 30% with their Airbrush Thinner in the black pint can. Acetone can thin Enamel Paints but it is not recommended to use Acetone as a thinner. I have never seen cans labeled with anything other than the term "lacquer thinner." I've not used the stuff,  but I've heard from others that their results were less than satisfactory. I used the non-green version or "Klean-Strip® Lacquer Thinner" . Chris It's Testors quality product so you know it's good. They're thinned for spraying right out of the bottle. It may have some uses in cleanup,  but probably not for thinning paint for spray. It didn't clean my brush either. I don't usually use this stuff, except for high gloss paint jobs. I picked up some turpentine and mineral spirits made by the same brand, klean-strip. Usually companies mix their paints to match their thinners so you get a better finish. Tomorrow I'll go back to Lowes and pick up some mineral spirits, and turpentine to try. Acrylic medium is commonly much thinner than acrylic paint by itself. $9.99 $ 9. Air pressure should be approximately 18-20 PSI Acrylics will dry to the touch in minutes; they require 24 hours for a full cure I have not had any bad luck with hardware store enamel thinner, but have sure gotten some cruddy stuff sold as generic "paint thinner." Testors' Model Master offers a wide variety of quality clears, thinners, primers, cleaners, and more. $12.80. The hobby grade lacquer thinners, though, seem a bit less hot than the store can, and if you go with Mr Leveling Thinner it also comes with a retarder. Not sure it's any better than Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, though, which many on this forum love. When I used KSLT to clean my brush, it must of still had a bunch of plastic goop in it or something.. Ex: Testors enamel paint= Testors thinner. They stated they wanted focus on Testors products. Acetone can dissolve plastic, for example. The Kleen Strip lacquer thinner we have around here at Home Depot is medium ( the speed is rate of dry), I found it in the small print someplace, you know the print you can barely see with even glasses on. If I can get them to dry faster I will be a happy camper. I'm in your boat, Don. I have been using mineral spirits instead of the Testors thinner because I am finding it difficult to find lately. Thinner 8oz Metal can Testors. I know some folks who do thin enamel with lacquer thinner, but I have not had good luck with it. Mineral spirits, also known as Stoddard solvent, petroleum spirit, or white spirit, are a petroleum-based single solvent that are sometimes used as a substitute for turpentine in thinning paint and cleaning surfaces and paintbrushes. I want to broaden my painting arsenal by using lacquer sometimes (I usually use acrylics, and sometimes enamel), mainly to get into Alclad and metallizers. 1261 Gloss Clear Testors Spray Lacquer price $5.79 Quick view 1260 Dullcote Spray Lacquer price $5.79 Quick view Military Flat Enamel Paint - 9 Piece Set 1 5 stars 5 (1) price $15.99 Quick view BTW - any thinner that will cut oil-base paints will work. FREE Shipping. It still stinks though. Seems like I am always running low just when I need to do a few cars. 99 $10.99 $10.99. So.. As it comes, it is too thick for either. But from now on I will thin them with lacquer thinner if that helps them dry faster that is great. Price is about the same as regular lacquer thinner. Whould this be correct? I'll have to experiment more with this stuff.. Alclad comes premixed to airbrush needs- there is no need to thin it. Ages: 14 years and up. Acetone can be used for cleaning off enamel paints from brushes and other surfaces but if it is used as a thinner it can come to complications. It will compromise the paint's ability to perform as paint and it's ability to bond with the surfaces of the model. Mineral spirits, Testors enamel thinner, lacquer thinner…whatever I tried, the paint would basically swirl around for 30 seconds and then fall out of suspension and gather at … The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. That's somewhat counter to the usual advice... you can buy enamel thinner in bulk for one heck of a lot less than a Testors Label can, and it works every bit as well. Acrylic Primers 4 oz. New formula paint may be mixed, brushed or airbrushed. I have never had much luck using lacquer thinner with Testors enamels. These both work a lot better for thinning and cleaning for my testors enamels. Hardware stores are likely to sella  generic all-purpose lacquer thinner.

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