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ANSWER: Photinia Red Robin make an ideal hedge. It is an attractive hedge with small white flowers appearing at the end of spring. The Vivid Photinia Red Robin Often called ‘The Christmas berry red robin’, the Photinia Red Robin (Photinia x fraseri), is a versatile evergreen shrub that is noted for its vivid red colour – ideal to brighten the garden even on the gloomiest of days.. Photinia Red Robin Hedges are one of the most colourful hedge types and one of the best-known evergreen shrubs amongst gardeners and landscapers alike. Our hedges are grown and matured for many years under our year round care and supervision. It can also be shaped it a small specimen tree. Ideal for a specimen or 2 per metre would make a fantastic hedge. Photinia Red Robin hedging is grown for its show stopping parrot-red, glossy foliage that begins to appear in late Winter or early Spring. To create a denser more formal hedge, pruning should be carried out right from the start. Photinia Red Robin produce clusters of creamy white flowers in late spring and these are sometimes followed by red berry-like fruit. £100.00. When young, the plants will look wispy and insubstantial, as would any shrub, but give them three years and they will look fine. Further red growth is encouraged by gentle trimming. ... A hardy evergreen shrub with new foliage that opens a deep red and remains that way for a long period before turning dark green. Please share your location to view restaurants near you. Saved by denes. $148.88 ... Photinia Red Robin 200mm Pot. Mouse Over for Before/After. Photinia, or Christmas berry, is a genus of Asian and North American shrubs, which includes a group of evergreen hybrids grown specifically for their colourful young foliage.. Photinia Red Robin is a popular, fast-growing, evergreen hedging plant that makes an attractive garden hedge if it is pruned twice a year. Photinia x fraseri robusta is smaller growing to around 5m in height; Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ is a more compact form reaching around 2m; Summary Information. Best 100 aquarium plants, 5 grass, 5 moss balls, fertilizer Reviews. Photinia Red Robin’s most frequently asked questions are: Is Photinia fast growing? Our Hedging Nursery is based in Birr, County Offaly, Ireland. Photinia 'Red Robin' 2 Metre Clear Stem 8/10cm girth 120cm x 120cm Trellis - NEW THICKER GRADE - AVAILABLE NOW. Photinia Red Robin Extra Large 400mm Pot. In just one day! Skip to main content. Photinia Red Robin small 140mm Pot. Growing Details. We were hoping to have a lovely lush hedge from the ground up. PHOTINIA X FRASERII RED ROBIN - Photinia Characteristics Photinia is a large evergreen shrub which will also make a small tree of up to about 6m (20ft). How to choose a hedge for your garden + hedging information. Learn More. Add to Cart. Where you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 10 % Excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations, commercial quantities and MarketLink products. Call today. Height – Over time Photinia robusta will reach 8 … Large Growing Hedge Plants 1.5 meters to 10 meters. It is smaller than it's big brother with smaller foliage but it still has those vibrant red leaves that turn green as they mature. That's Mighty Helpful, That's Mitre 10. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers EPS in the same period a year ago totaled $1.03. Shop by category. Plants in a Box 725 views. Sales were $307.98 million. A single Photinia Red Robin if left untrimmed can be grown as an attractive specimen shrub to a large size but it responds well to clipping and can be used to make a hedge of any height from 3-8ft in height so will more than adequately produce a hedge to give eye level privacy or grown as a small hedge as an internal garden boundary. A landscaper is recommending we buy 6 red robin plants, but (stand alone) these look wispy and bare! Best 100 Green Privet Hedging Ligustrum Plants Hedge 2-3 ft, 60-90cm,Quick Growing Evergreen, Bare Root Sale. 20 -30 CM in 9 CM Pot - 3-5 per Metre at £5.49 each. And is it easy to maintain? 0:37. Photinia Red Robin 5-6ft includes pot height. We are the Mighty Helpful independent hardware store committed to giving you the best brands at great prices! Same in-stock item available for same-day delivery or collection, including GST and delivery charges. With clusters of delicate white flowers and vivid, scarlet leaves in spring that transform into a striking deep green in winter, Photinia Red Robin … If Photinia are left unchecked the hedge can become leggy and sparse. The Photinia is an evergreen, primarily a shrub, but it can be a standalone tree and incleasingly popular as a hedge. We are the mature hedge experts and would be happy to consult with you to provide a solution for your home or property. Shop by category ... 50 Green Beech Hedging Plants 2 Year Old, 1-2ft Grade 1 Hedge Trees 40-60cm. £48.99. Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' 175-200cm, 20lt pot - NEW SIZE! Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Photinia - Red Robin. 10 Photinia Red Robin Hedging Hedge Plants 20-30cm 3fatpigs. Bay Tree Laurus Nobilis Ball on Stem, Total Height 170cm / 5ft 7in including pot height (head dia 50cm-55cm head) It has bright red, young leaves in early spring and, if it is trimmed in late spring or early summer, it will produce more red shoots in summer. It has become a popular garden plant mainly due to its shiny red new growth which appears in April, An added attraction is that when mature it produces a display of frothy heads of pink tinged flowers. Photinia 'Red Robin' 120/150cm 10L pot - The Photinia Red robin hedge plant (Photinia x fraseri) is a marvellous alternative choice for an evergreen hedge because of its brilliant red glossy young leaves, which give a spectacular display in spring and summer before maturing to dark green. We are the Mighty Helpful independent hardware store committed to giving you the best brands at great prices! Yes. $348.88 Sold Out. This attractive Photinia full standard tree is used often for evergreen screening because it is tall, above the fence line and has such attractive foliage and pretty white flowers in late spring, early summer. Photinia Red Robin has a common name the Chistmas Berry, not sure why, as they are 2 different plants. Large Growing Hedge Plants 1.5 meters to 10 meters. Nov 26, 2013 - Photinia x Fraseri 'Little Red Robin' (Hedging) is a compact growing version of this popular evergreen shrub ideal for tubs and small borders. What’s the best position and soil for Photinia? A Photinia Red Robin Hedge will add all-year-round interest to your garden or outside space. That's Mighty Helpful, That's Mitre 10. Or Christmas Berry - are evergreen dense, medium growing shrubs with an upright bushy habit. 30cm / 40cm in 2 litre pot " at £5.99 50cm / 70cm in 2 litre pot " at £6.49 60cm / 90cm in 5 litre pot 3 per metre at £10 Find a Red Robin Location. Planted from autumn to spring, this shrub prefers a position in full sun or partial shade and in fairly well-drained soil. Shop with confidence on eBay! You can purchase our Red Robin hedging online and take advantage of our special discounts when you buy 10 or more plants. The Photinia is native of Asia and the Christmas Berry is native of North America. Red Robin has bright red leaves in early Spring. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Red Robin Plants. 10 Photinia Red Robin Hedging Hedge Plants 20-30cm 3fatpigs Photinia, or Christmas berry, is a genus of Asian and North American shrubs, which includes a group of evergreen hybrids grown specifically for their colourful young foliage. Photinia Red Robin Hedge Plants Description If you're looking for year-round interest in your garden, Photinia Red Robin is the hedging plant for you. A well known company sell Photinia Red Robin (photinia x fraseri) at this recommendation . Is this the best evergreen hedge? Photinia hedges respond well to trimming. If you want to grow Photinia Red Robin as a hedge, individual plants should be about 75cm (2ft 6in)apart for a quick growing dense hedge. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Yes. These compact, bushy plants are just perfect for hedging and are ready for planting. Free postage. In the right location and with the little care it needs, it will put on 30cm in a season. Photinia Red Robin Large 300mm Pot. Photinia robusta – Hedge Photinia robusta varieties. This particular variety of photinia plant can grow to about 3 - 4m high and 3m wide, however regular pruning will control this. When grown against a wall or fence then the plants should be at least 60cm / 2ft from the wall or fence. Leighton's Green Conifer SUPER Large 150L Bag. 10 Christmas Berry / Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' 20-30cm Tall in 9cm pots Photinia, or Christmas berry, is a genus of Asian and North American shrubs, which includes a group of evergreen hybrids grown specifically for their colourful young foliage. Photinia Red Robin is high on our list - Duration: 0:37. Photinia × fraseri 'Red Robin' - probably the most widely planted of all, this cultivar has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit Photinia × fraseri 'Little Red Robin', a plant similar to 'Red Robin', but dwarf in stature with an ultimate height/spread of around 2–3 ft Find 2L Photinia Red Robin 'Hedge It Range' - Photinia x Fraseri 'Red Robin' at Bunnings Warehouse. The Photinia hedge is taking over from the Leylandii as a popular hedgerow. Best 10 Photinia Red Robin Hedging Hedge Plants 20-30cm Reviews. Best 10 x Scottish Heathers (Mixed) POT GROWN in 8cm pot (a249) for Sale. Product Description. 10 Photinia Red Robin Hedging Plants 25-40cm Bushy Hedge Shrubs. Any sheltered, sunny spot and moist, well-draining fertile soil will keep it happy. Photinia Red Robin 30 Litre Pot 180-200 cm . We supply the Photinia Red Robin as a tube stock plant which will arrive at your place around in 50mm pots around 10 - 15 cm tall. Tight heads of white flowers appear in spring time. Red tip photinia (Photinia x fraseri) is a broadleaf evergreen shrub that gets its name from the striking red color of its young leaves, which change to a dark green as they mature.Also known as Fraser photonia, it is an excellent shrub for hedges and privacy screens. 385 sold. The defeat leaves the red and blacks in serious danger of being relegated, with their final two round robin games to come against Tasman and Auckland.

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