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The four-time CrossFit Games champ is now retired from competition, and that’s only made him more active on social media, where he routinely posts vicious workouts for you to try. Try jumping over a car (yes, really), then jumping over a hurdle and doing a burpee. Kevin Hart has quickly become one of our favorite online motivators. His body tends to defy gravity and he’s the king of casually balancing his entire body weight on one arm. The ex-NFL punter has swiftly transitioned into life after football and embraced bodybuilding, continually aiming to add inches to his arms. A post shared by Jeremy Scott Fitness (@jeremyscottfitness). 6,158 Likes, 50 Comments - HARD TO KILL FITNESS ™ (@hardtokill_fitness) on Instagram: ““You need to train harder and longer than your enemies to survive. Saladino also has a new workout video, Superhero Shred, which is designed to whip you into superhero shape, too. There are three levels to perform the workouts at based off of your skills and abilities: recruit, established and competitor. Get in bear crawl position and push it 10 steps. Has anyone here tried a Hard to Kill fitness plan? Push back up until your thighs are just above parallel to the ground, then lower down again, and stand all the way up. He posts workouts that’ll make you stronger and build your conditioning too. Grab two dumbbells. Pick it up and do rows from the bear crawl position, 10 with each arm. Look no further than his Instagram account if you need a kick in the ass today. This Australian trainer regularly posts a blend of quick bodyweight and equipment-based workouts. The comedian has no time for your excuses—so check out one of his killer Instagram workouts if you want to work up a sweat. This former bull rider has made a name for himself by working with the cast of the CW’s Riverdale and Hollywood director Peter Berg. HardCore Functional Training for Today's Warriors. The former U.S. Olympic gymnast is now the co-owner of Power Monkey Fitness and a gymnastics coach, and he regularly showcases electric exercises on his Instagram. You’ll finish in a side plank. Roll back, landing on your feet, then do a standard burpee. A post shared by ATHLEAN-X™ | Jeff Cavaliere (@athleanx). There is a type of training…a training that few people pursue: Before we get further into the challenge details, I must say, I am loving the growing community here at End of Three Fitness, a.k.a ‘The Rally Point’. It is a community of hard-charging military enthusiast’s joining forces on their journey to become stronger, faster battle-ready warriors. So there is the 6-week challenge that all should participate in, if you can, but then there is the secondary part of the challenge…. Try It: Old-fashioned wall-sits are boring, so Maryniak spices them up by adding in biceps work. Rest a few moments, then repeat. As you do this, remove your left hand and touch it to your right shoulder. There’s fitspiration, and then there’s Heba Ali, who delivers electric workout highlight reels that’ll leave you stunned. Try It: Ready for a vicious dumbbell biceps curl? A post shared by Bret "Glute Guy" Contreras PhD (@bretcontreras1). Do 3 sets. Hold your youngster (or a dumbbell) at your chest, then lower into a deep squat. That’s 1 set; do 3. I'm former army, applying to local PD pretty soon, and eventually to their swat team. Try It: Here’s an easy glute burner. Oh, and every so often, he’ll post a pic of himself with Hemsworth. Do this for 30 seconds. Does your current training make you tougher? She never stops working, so you won’t either. We have different training programs we call “TRACKS”. Gym buddies aren't just for spotting anymore—since everyone wants their best shot for the 'Gram, your training partners might double as photographers and videographers, too. If you’re looking to improve your mobility, let LA-based yoga instructor Dylan Werner be your inspiration. Every minute on the minute, do 3 power cleans, 3 front squats, and 3 overhead presses. Don Saladino, an NYC-based fitness master, is one of the trainers behind the transformations of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Sebastian Stan, David Harbour, and others. Try It: For a quick abs burn, loop a miniband around your feet and sit on a bench. It’s because they are training to be harder to kill. Try It: You’ve run on a treadmill, but have you bear-crawled on one? Do you know? Widerstrom once replaced Jillian Michaels as a lead trainer on The Biggest Loser, and she’s since rocketed to stardom. Then I’ll explain exactly what this challenge is about and all it encompasses. Maintain this position as you repeatedly slam the pillow into your shins. He’s almost always shirtless, too, highlighting how his exercises focus heavily on your core. The California-based Bruno posts plenty of exercises that utilize one of his favorite tools: the landmine. That’s 1 rep; do 3 sets of 8 to 10. Interested in untraditional workouts with dumbbells, clubs, and more? He’s worked with countless NFL and NBA athletes and big name celebrities like Khloe Kardashian. Kneel with your thighs perpendicular to the ground and a single kettlebell held at your chest. No bullshit. It’s not all in the gym, either; she’ll use everything from chairs to pillows to soup cans as training implements. The groups: Recruit = Just getting into, or back into fitness. Try It: Grab a Swiss ball and hold it in your hands while lying on your back. The ex-CrossFitter has reworked his fitness regimen to incorporate what he calls “functional bodybuilding,” a marriage of CrossFit ideas, bodybuilding principles, and all-around badass fitness. Try It: Here’s your nightmare workout. Don’t let the phone fall. A post shared by Ron Boss Everline (@justtrain). Try It: It’s not all complicated. I do CrossFit, but CrossFit is just a method to obtain a goal whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle, look good naked or to…become harder to kill. Do 50 reps. A post shared by David Durante (@davedurante). Get in plank position, and tighten your shoulder blades. You are challenging yourself to be better than you are now (in six weeks). Hard To Kill Athletics Company. Tuesday’s workout will be posted Monday evening. This New York City police officer has made it his mission to prove that cops don’t just eat donuts, so he posts regular workout content. There are plenty of reasons to workout…but how or why do you train? That’s 1 rep; do 8 to 10 per side. It is a great place to get feedback from all of you! Try It: Do you dare do Fine’s bench press challenge? You can guess Martinez’s specialty from his handle. That’s 1 rep; do reps for 40 seconds.

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