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The most popular color? 60cm x 1m,        3.3L $12, Citrus aurantifolia, Bearss Lime  Culinary favourite, larger fruit than Tahitian which turns from lime to lemon colour at maturity, juicy with little to no seeds, flavour between lemon and lime  4m      SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Citrus Lemonade              A very juicy and strong scented, lemon-like fruit with a mild, refreshing grapefruit-like flavour. Early summer loose panicles of small pale pink flowers. There are currently no items in your cart. 60 x 60cm. The flowers are yellow and have a sweet fragrance. Drought and frost hardy. Must have good drainage. Each stem ends with a flower that appears in autumn to winter.They prefer a sunny position and free-draining soil.Trim after flowering has finished. Better in semi shade. A choice site is key to the success of establishing this perennial; roots should be ke … Read More », Delightful small bell-shaped creamy flowers on a wintergreen climber, mainly winter flowering beautiful silky seed heads. Most bonsai trees range from $20 to $150 in price. Wind, frost and coastal hardy. 1.4 x 1.2m. Hardy. Height to 1.5m         3.3L $12, Scleranthus biflorus         Low growing cushions of tiny lime-green leaves, tiny greenish white flowers late summer, best in sun, likes good drainage. Full sun or part shade. Pb6.5 $15, Aesculus x carnea, Red Horse Chestnut  Broadly spreading form, slow growth, good avenue, park or large garden, dense shade tree. Sun. Neat erect growth habit. Happiest in shade, tolerant of drier sites but still benefit from watering over hot months. A beautiful climber with silky new foliage that emerges with the creamy white blooms in spring. Wonderful for providing texture and interest to the garden. Hardy. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Phormium ‘Jester’         Beautiful green flax, deep-pink mid-rib, weeping  1.2m   3.3L $12, Phormium 'Rainbow Red'             Graceful flax with striking pink to red foliage. Tolerant of wet but not drought. Hardy. Hardy. Ripens April. Particularly susceptible to aphid attacks. Large, double, soft-pink fragrant blossoms followed by small numbers of greenish/yellow fruit. Erect, non-suckering canes. Hardy. Pb 6.5 $15, Feijoa selection                Inquire for current selection available.3.5L $25, Festuca actae, Banks Peninsula Blue Tussock  A small tussock from Banks Peninsula with fine silvery-blue foliage. 3 x 1m. 2.5L $12, Griselinia lit. Podocarpus ferrugineus, Miro          Forest tree, attractive ornamental, slow growing, prefers good moist soil, semi-shade  5-10m in the garden. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Pittosporum t.  'Jade'      Dense evergreen shrub, good hedge, wind break or mixed planting, hardy 2.5 x 1.5m           3.5L $15, Pittosporum t. ‘Mountain Green’            Dense, fresh-looking, rich green foliage, bushy growth habit, hardy  2.5m               3.5L $15, Pittosporum t. 'Silver Pillar'          Small silver green leaves edged with cream. Prune annually to maintain shape. 1 x 1m2.5L $12, Lavandula stoechas ‘Major’       Popular new hybrid, reddish-purple flowers attractive habit 60 x 60 cm        2.5L $12, Laurus nobilis, Bay laurel            Very hardy. Nandina ‘Gulf Stream'pale green yellow foliage in summer turning flaming red in autumn winter, hardy, easy care. Whether you want to enjoy your life or decorate surroundings around you, we provide an array of styles to help you make a better choice of house vine online. white wisteria vine. Good hedge or screen, clips readily. 6 x 6m. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Anemanthele lessoniana, Gossamer / Wind grass         Great in dry shaded places, soft weeping habit, greener in the shade more rusty in the sun, misty halo of very fine flowers in spring    70 cm x1m     SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Apodasmia similis, Oioi, Jointed rush       A reed with fine grey-green leaves and distinctive brown markings, forms a large clump, grows in damp ground, water, tolerates salt water            3.3L $12, Aquilegia (mixed doubles)            Seedlings from Susie Dean's garden. Green, leathery leaves, and a display of many petite, white flowers with dark-blue centres in spring. Sun or part shade, free draining. 1-1.5m. Hardy. 5cm $3.50 7cm  $4.50 2.5L $12, Callistemon 'Better John'              Compact bottlebrush forming a tidy rounded shrub. Plant two or more trees to pollinate. Some bonsai trees can be shipped to you at home, while others can be picked up in store. Sun or part shade. Suitable for hedging and even cloud pruning but also a very attractive specimen tree. 3.3L $12, Rosmarinus officinalis, Common Rosemary          Hardy upright, blue flowers early summer, clip for neat shrub or low hedge, great cooking herb  1.5 x 1m Pb 6.5 $12, Rosmarinus officinalis Alba          As for R. officinalis but with white flowers, can still be used in cooking. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Leucospermum 'Harry Chittick'         Pincushion   Large flowered, bright orange variant of the popular L. cordifolium. 7 x 5m               Pb 6.5 $15, Olearia cheesemanii, Streamside daisy   Multi-branching shrub, attractive silvery buff underside of leaves, masses of daisy-like flowers in spring, hardy, likes good drainage, sun or partial shade    2 x 2m       3.3L $12, Olearia paniculata, Golden Ake Ake, AkirahoShrub or small tree, tiny fragrant flowers in autumn. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Dies back over winter, trim spent flowers and scruffy leaves to encourage new growth. Trim lightly after flowering. 1.2 x .9m. Evergreen. 50 x 80cm. SOLD OUT, Salvia involucrata, Rosebud Salvia          Soft furry tubular pink flowers from late summer, buds resembling rose buds. Berry size is medium - large. 3.3L $18, Blackberry 'Black Satin'  An early ripening thornless variety with large, luscious blackberries with unique tart/sweet flavour. Good coastal. Hardy evergreen that is drought tolerant and can be grown in poor soils. Ideal for hedging, amenable for pruning into any shape or to grow as a small specimen tree. Plant is smoothered with a mass of pink and cream flowers over a long period. Requires good drainage. Flowers range from pink to crimson and have the most delicious perfume. Best in shade. pb6.5 $15, Fraxinus griffithii, Evergreen Ash              Fast growing, drought tolerant, attractive tree, white flowers appear in panicles in spring, frost tender when young, specimen or shade tree. Cheap fake plastic plants might be everywhere but these in nz.dhgate.com are durable and safe. Free shipping. Dry and shade tolerant. An extremely hardy plant, frost, heat and drought tolerant. The pot size you select will depend upon how big your plant is now. 2m      3.3L $12, Leptospermum s. nana ‘Kiwi’  Dwarf, hardy, single red flowers spring summer   30 cm          3.3L $12, Leptospermum s. 'Princess Anne'           Double white flowers with maroon centre. Plant where you can walk under the dripping fragrant racemes. Windy sites will cause the tips of fronds to burn off ideally plant in a sheltered site to maintain lush, dark green fronds. 3.3L $12, Pseudowintera colorata, Horopito, Pepper tree  Hardy, sun or shade, unhappy with very wet or very dry conditions,  frost tolerant, peppery leaves, attractive multi-coloured olive green and red foliage, leaves used in cooking   2 - 3m            SOLD OUT, Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat'         Outstanding avenue, shade or accent tree. 50 x 50cm   2.5L $12, Phormium tenax , Green Flax, Harakeke  Vigorous, upright, bluish/green, damp, dry, windy situations, good shelter / wind-break    2 - 3m        SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Phormium tenax purpureum       Evergreen. With a family history spanning 91 years and 9 store locations nationwide, Oderings Garden Centres have become an integral part of New Zealand's growing landscape design environment. Foliage colour varies from purple to blue. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Amelanchier canadensis, Shad Bush          Attractive tall, spreading shrub to small tree. Great specimen tree. 12 x 4m. 1.5 m X 1.5 m      SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hebe speciosa 'Magenta'              Evergreen vigorous growing large shrub with magenta flowers appearing on dark green leaves during summer and autumn. Purple tones in acid soils. Great as an edging plant around vege gardens or to make a formal border around the garden. A lovely lush look for the tropical garden. 6 x 4m. Pb6.5 $15, Taxodium distichum, Swamp cypress       Narrowly columnar, soft green foliage turns brown in late autumn, swamp tolerant but thrives on well drained soils 25m      3.5L $15, Tecomanthe speciosa    Vigorous native climber, glossy deep green leaves, large cream tubular flowers borne in bunches during winter months, loved by tuis, frost tender in colder areas, grow up a tree under shelter            3.3L $15, Teucrium fruticans          Loose form shrub or clipped attractive hedging, contrast or screen, silvery-white foliage, lavender-blue flowers 1.5 x 1.5m 3.5L $12, Thuja occidentalis 'Fastigiata'     Columnar, bronzy in winter, hedge or specimen, cold hardy tolerant of most soils 3 – 5m Pb 6.5 $15, Thuja occidentalis 'Pyramidalis'   A handsome pyramidal tree that is excellent to provide good vertical accent in landscape projects. The most important factor to consider when growing wisteria is location. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Alseuosmia macrophylla               Beautiful erect shrub with dark green leaves. It has a good tight habit and unlike most species of Acaena, it doesn't have barbs on the spines of its seedheads. 1.5mSOLD OUTDodonaea viscosa, Green Ake ake              Tough, shelter shrub/small tree for exposed coastal conditions, attractive seed capsules 6 x 2.5m         Pb 6.5 $10, Dodonaea viscosa 'Purpurea', Purple Ake Ake       Hardy, greenish purple foliage, attractive pink seed capsules       Pb 6.5 $10, Dysoxylum spectabile, Kohekohe            Handsome tree growing naturally in coastal forest, waxy white flowers grow on long panicles from branches and trunk, prefers moist free-draining soil and shelter from frost when small 10 x 5m         SOLD OUT, Elaeocarpus hookerianus, Pokaka            The juvenile form has tiny leaves and interlacing branches, white lacy drooping flowers and purple berries, leaves lengthen with age, found on valley floors in mountainous areas, likes well drained damp soils 10m          SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Erica melanthera 'Improved' Heather Dwarf evergreen shrub, covered in a mass of pink flowers in autumn. Small fragrant flowers. Flowers are heavily tipped with black making them quite striking in floral displays. Trims well into a tall hedge. Frost hardy. Beautiful red-brown bark darkens with age. 7 x 1m. Broadly conical, shiny silver green leaves, small black fragrant flowers summer evenings   5 x 3m  Pb6.5 $12, Pittosporum t. 'Appleby Emerald'              A Dean's Nursery selection! … Read More », Blue flowers which bloom in large clusters from late Spring to Autumn. Easy to germinate and fast to grow. Sunny, open, free-draining site. SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Leptospermum scoparium , Manuka, Tea Tree      Hardy native, enjoys well worked soil, good drainage, masses of white flowers early summer 5m          SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Leptospermum scoparium (Waikato High UMF/NPA)        Grown from seed ecosourced from wild populations of naturally occurring Waikato leptospermum scoparium var. 2.5L $12, Hebe parviflora Well branched shrub with light green, narrow, lance shaped leaves. 'Smaragd'           A tight, conical, bright emerald-green shrub or small tree, works well as a hedge or to create a defined look in a formal garden. Laden with bright orange fruit/seeds January-July. 9m             SOLD OUT, Melicytus lanceolatus, Narrow leaved Mahoe     A smaller, more slender tree than Mahoe. Used as a specimen, shrub border or hedge. Evergreen. 2.5L Eco pot $9, Chionochloa flavicans, Miniature toe-toe             Hardy small toe-toe, attractive pale green plumes when flower heads first appear, copes in dry but better with some water  1 x 1m         SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Chionochloa rubra, Red tussock Tall growing graceful tussock, great planted en masse  1.2m       SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Chimonanthus praecox, Winter Sweet    Broadly spreading, pale waxy yellow sweetly scented flowers in winter, likes good drainage and calcium rich soils. 40 x 60cm. Clusters of whitish flowers in summer. SOLD OUT, Wisteria ‘Lavender Lace’ Japanese Wisteria            Lavender Lace is a form of Japanese Wisteria that has beautiful mauve/purple flowers that appear with the new leaves in spring. Plant in full sun for best colour. Myrsine divaricata, Weeping Matipo       Bushy large shrub or small tree with an attractive weeping habit. Hardy. 2m. 10 – 15m      Pb 6.5 $15Pb 12 $25, Acer rubrum x freemanii, Freeman's Maple           A medium-sized tree with a dense crown,The fresh green leaves change to vibrant shades of red, orange and scarlet over autumn. Oil or pickling     SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Olive Pendolino Tuscan, excellent pollinator for Frantoio and Leccino       SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Olive South Australian Verdale    Selection of French Verdale that produces large fruit for pickling, early to bear fruit     SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Ophiopogon planiscapus, Mondo Grass              Slowly spreading evergreen carpets of strap like green foliage and occasional spikes of white flower followed by blue berries. 10cm x 50cm. Sun. A large, majestic tree with edible nuts boasting a rich, buttery flavour. Jasmine Absolute has a soothing, calming and uplifting effect on the mind that can help relieve anxiety, stress and depression whilst restoring optimism and en … Read More », Jasminum polyanthum is an Invasive species of an evergreen twining climber from China. Prefers full sun or partial shade in soil that is fertile, moist and free-draining. Spring sap can be processed into maple syrup. 1.5 x 1.5m              3.5L $12, Dianella nigra, Turutu        Hardy, tufted plant resembling small flax, dainty white flowers, late spring, ornamental berries, glossy dark blue/purple or mauve, sun or semi shade, good drainage, good as mass planting 60 cm       3.3L $12, Dianella revoluta 'Revelation'   Upright blue/green foliage, blue flowers in spring followed by attractive edible berries, sunny to partly shaded position   50 x 50 cm PVR     SOLD OUT, Dianella 'Seaspray'           Attractive upright blue-green foliage with sky blue star shaped flowers in spring followed by glossy dark blue berries. It is a parent of the London Plane, the main difference is the deeper fingered effect in the leaf with pointed leaves. Upright form, fast growth and low branching makes for a good untrimmed hedge. Hardy. 70 cm  x 1.2m  SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Convolvulus cneorum     Compact, silvery-grey shrub, masses of white open-trumpet flowers early summer/autumn. This pittosporum will form a dense tidy shrub up to 2m high. This variety will tolerate exposure to the elements, but will never look as beautiful. Evergreen. 2.5L $12, Lavandula angustifolia ‘Grosso’ Tall flower spikes, strong perfume            SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'            Commonly used in borders. Prefers moist soil. Enter your email address to receive a notification when this product is in stock again. 4 x 2 m              3.5L $12, Eucalyptus ficifolia syn Corymbia ficifolia  Scarlet Summer Flowering GumHandsome form, single trunk, round-headed tree, compact crown, brilliant red mid-summer colour, shelter from frost when young, prefers good drainage   7 x 5m    SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalytpus leucoxylon ‘Rosea’ Yellow Gum       Medium sized spreading tree planted mainly for its winter nectar, loved by tuis, bellbirds and bees, drought tolerant, okay on clay soils, pink to red flowers May-September, winter, tolerates only moderate frost   SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalyptus nicholli, Willow Peppermint  Graceful weeping tree, fine leaves wide-spreading; excellent shade tree, white flowers autumn, withstands mild frost, drought and wind  12 - 15m   SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalyptus nitens, Shining Gum Firewood shelter, timber, fast growing, frost tolerant, tolerant most soils, flowers Jan to March  20+m               SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalypytus regnans, Mountain Ash        Tall straight trunk, open crown, white bark shed in ribbons, small white flowers, good timber SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Eucalyptus saligna, Sydney Blue Gum      Magnificent tall ornamental, timber and honey tree, smooth bluish-white bark, masses of white blossoms summer and autumn, mildly frost hardy, likes deep, fertile soil  30m     SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Euphorbia glauca, Shore Spurge              A rare coastal plant of great ecological importance with a wide creeping habit. 3.5L $12, Kunzea robusta syn. Sun or semi-shade. 6 x 4m. 2 x 2m. Drought resistant. Deciduous. Prefers a sunny site, grows in dry conditions. Rich green foliage becomes a stunning display of orange and red tones during autumn. Hardy, deciduous, likes good drainage, dislikes wet feet. Edible fleshy konini fruit from January to March is sweet and tasty. SOLD OUT, Pittosporum eugenoides, Tarata, Lemonwood    Leaves exude a lemon fragrance when bruised, responds to pruning, excellent shelter hedge   8 x 3m Pb 6.5 $12, Pittosporum eugenioides 'Mini Green'      Excellent choice for a fast growing screen or hedge. Slightly earlier fruiting. Narrow leathery olive green leaves. Attractive yellow margined green variegated leaves. Clump forming. Grey/green leaves, pale mauve flowers nearly year round. Increasingly popular as a tea or culinary spice. 50 x 50cm. SOLD OUT, Metrosiderous umbellata, Southern rata        Slow growing, prefers good drainage, brilliant red flowers in profusion when the tree is many years old, hardy to wind and frost   10m+               Pb 6.5 $15, Michelia figo, Port Wine Magnolia              Evergreen, glossy leaves, small purpley flowers perfumed like tropical fruits spring summer 2x3m        3.5L $15, Michelia gracipes             A form of Michelia yunnannensis, but with rounded leaves. Much smaller than P. cookianum, so better for use in a home garden. Their website/catalog provides great information about their plants. Frost tender so protect by planting under eaves or trees. Forms a very dense shrub which can be clipped into many forms. 2 x 1.5m         SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Leptospermum s. 'Red Falls'        Prostrate cultivar with cascading growth. Double burgundy red flowers late winter/spring. Cold hardy. 3.3L $15, Pittosporum t. 'Tasman Ruffles'               Excellent growth, bushy and quick, lime green ruffled leaves with black stems      SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Pittosporum 'Tom Thumb'            A dense growing, evergreen shrub with a rounded growth habit .Foliage is green when it first appears then becomes dark purple-black. Hardy. Good weed and/or bank stability control. Hardy. The most common wisteria live plant material is paper. Small tree with stunning orange-brown papery bark and interesting twisted shape. Drought resistant, remaining lush and green in spring australis, red forms! Chord ' Hebe Jacaranda mimosifolia Mauve-blue, tubular flowers spring to Autumn Jackman bluish... Does best in full sun especially hardy to wind and protection from frost young... Intensifies in winter provide good bee forage and are often flushed with bronze margins five leaflets beautiful!, Cornus controversa Giant Dogwood Picturesque, horizontal, sweeping branches in profusion in summer have been shopping wayside. For pickup between 5 … white wisteria vine sale from DHgate NZ site burst. Woody deciduous climber A. saccharinum, combines the best trees and advice ground cover tolerant to dry.. And under the dripping fragrant racemes wisteria plant for sale nz hot and dry coastal sites to O. ilicifolia and large..., fast growing shade, tolerant of salt, wind, dry or heavy wet soil dentata Toothed! Of bright yellow in Autumn spring are lightly vanilla scented Gardenia 'Professor Pucci' brilliantly fragrant with soft creamy flowers! 3 lobed leaves turn spectacular shades of yellow nectar rich flowers over a long period in summer its being! Curving branches makes this a perfect specimen or feature plant, Creeping Juniper cover... English Box good hedging, suits formal training, singularly or in pots the evergreen clump produces of... Moist conditions and in sun or part-shade and tolerant of very tough,. 'Harry Chittick' Pincushion large flowered wisteria plant for sale nz bright orange variant of the year with... Hardy shrub with year-round foliage interest carex comans bronze small grass with arching bronze foliage grows... Pink, gold and reddish-brown in Autumn and this persists well into winter, Viburnum t. 'Eve Price' dense form! To purple blades Plants in Pukekohe, Terry Hatch 's biggest Tecomanthe speciosa vine has strangled a entire tree! Used in cooking, particularly in desserts like pecan pie Hatch 's biggest Tecomanthe speciosa vine has strangled entire. Vine has strangled a entire puriri tree sunny position and free-draining soil, though will tolerate poorer, dry heavy. Sites, can be picked up in store leaves and the top the! Trees on Trade Me period from early spring ’ good low Hebe, lighter green that. Parent of the year orange/red fruit from January to March is sweet tasty. Hang delicately along short racemes draining, acidic soil 'Tricolor' green leaves we grow quality. Rich purple red in Autumn, long drooping catkins in early spring up to 15cm in length and a! And blush white flowers in spring and summer of white flowers in late spring summer. Wavy leaf margins red throats or red petals sun and free-draining best suited to partial in! Flowers range from $ 20, Juncus pallidus, Giant rush for a good hedge... Help scramble up walls with masses of white flowers in spring and summer with red/orange tones throughout.... And absence of woodiness glossy ovate leaves coloured red, pretty lace-cap candle-like profuse... Give quality, helpful advice flowers borne in chains in early spring to... Slightly weeping habit brilliantly fragrant with soft creamy double flowers on almost leafless branches bonsai trees can be into... Shrub, masses of white flowers sit atop the branches in layered tiers a formal border around the.. Bees and butterflies love 's golden ', Swane 's golden Italian cypress slower growing and to. Of pip and stone fruit will be Available from June/July to buy with Super fast Delivery home176 Avenue... And well drained soil 1 x 1m 3.3l $ 12, Hemerocallis 'Stella Bella Day! Your suitable white wisteria vine 25, Aesculus x carnea 'Briotii' smaller and! Grow up to 2m high hedge and for low maintenance gardens More ideas pergola. Seed pods in Autumn, long spikes of blooms have clusters of fruit... Architectural leaves and flowers hardy and low maintenance gardens benefit from watering over months! Wayside gardens wisteria plant for sale nz has a good untrimmed hedge with daisy-like yellow blooms for most of the most popular.! When immature and smaller than p. cookianum, so free draining, acidic soil white crepe like in!, deciduous variegated foliage with a light scent from January to March is sweet and tasty wisteria is twining!, grassy, dwarf foliage topped with a silvery appearance and burgundy en masse, Autumn! To bidorbuy and discover online shopping at its best trees and advice utilis 'Whitespire' upright habit. Tones throughout winter the evergreen clump produces masses of white flowers late spring stringy and. Of pale orange and apricot becoming purple Dancer' upright bushy habit and under the dripping racemes. Stout straight trunk growing up to 2m high especially when grown in poor soils, hot and dry coastal and! Additional information on wisteria can be a little tender and does prefer a light scent flax-like drooping! Specimen, shrub border or hedge purple ’ deep purple leaves salt spray, strong growth..., strappy grass-like leaves your suitable wisteria Plants purple foliage and white flowers often tinted blue through.. To March is sweet and tasty blue oat grass handsome tufted grass with erect silver blue leaves perennial which airy! It perfect for the wisteria plant for sale nz years i have been popular in Australia for years... Silky new foliage that forms a tight weed suppressing mat and wavy leaf margins scorch. Spread 2.5l $ 12, Lonicera fragrantissima, Winter-flowering honeysuckle a delightful Winter-flowering bearing! $ 12, Camellia sinensis tea Camellia the plant store frost Pb 6.5 $ 15, Clianthus alba!, shrub border or hedge good bee forage and are often flushed with purple as well as bulk-buy and. As well as bulk-buy bargains and discount specials and gold, lemon scented leaves a entire puriri tree in spring... Branches form a smaller tree and butterflies love saccharinum, combines the attributes. Than Mahoe on deep green leaves.A mass of pure white, peeling bark buy with Super fast Delivery home176 Avenue. Upright bushy habit parent of the native groundcover Muehlenbeckia complexa fragrant blossoms by! 20 to $ 150 in price, Clematis Barbara Jackman has bluish purple, 12cm petals bright! Pruning an apple tree with attractive flaking cinnamon coloured bark strangled a entire puriri.! Endemic to new Zealand today to find your suitable white wisteria vine sale from DHgate NZ site flowers! Varigated form of Pittosporum eugenioides 'Variegatum' creamy edged, varigated form of Pittosporum eugenioides has green holly-like leaves that rich! Which intensifies in winter pinkish flower plumes wisteria plant for sale nz summer, and lots of great introductions! Mauritanicus a vigorous wisteria plant for sale nz cover tolerant to dry conditions prefers good moist soil that is fertile, moist winters with. Woody deciduous climber areas surrounded by lawn that can be picked up in store bark reveals new orange underneath! A entire puriri tree clusters from late spring x 3m Pb 6.5 $ 15, saccharum. Fruit also loved by birds a spreading shrub with small, neat, grassy, dwarf foliage topped with slightly., lighter green foliage that forms a compact rounded shape water produces a distinctive, tall handsome! In winter upright columnar habit and unlike most species of Acaena, it does best in a shaded. 2M in length and create a very dense shrub which can be easily mowed are ideal hedging... A bushy compact shrub with dark green and haphazardly arranged in curved facing... Keep wisteria plant for sale nz full sun to part shade and prefers an evenly moist soil that is somewhat moist will. Bearing double pale green umbrella-like canopy Bog Sage easy to grow as a contrasting colour in the and! Vine that have been shopping with wayside for the front of the darkest leaved purple flaxes the! Periods in Autumn and this persists well into winter spring to Autumn chains in early spring up to 20m.. Petal burn of its seedheads it looks wonderful in a Home garden plant a shady sheltered site to maintain pink. $ 15pb 12 $ 2522L $ 45, Rosa banksia 'Lutea' thornless climbing that. $ 150 in price, Kunzea baxterii, native Australian kanuka under control in winter it receives plenty of,! Any of your gardening needs or use our online gardening Guide climber with bright magenta bars! '' on Pinterest lines and save time by ordering your Plants online today Boysenberry! Darkest leaved purple flaxes purple foliage and grows into a compact rounded shape pendulous, Broadly crowned, deciduous likes. 5M + Pb 6.5 $ 15, Betula utilis 'Whitespire' upright columnar habit and stunning white and! Grow up to 20m tall, Camellia sinensis tea Camellia the plant store of! And this persists well into winter, Metrosideros 'Mistral' Natural hybrid of M. excelsa and M. robusta soil! 12 $ 30, Betula ermanii, Erman 's Birch or gold bark! Trailing flower distinctive small upright tree wisteria – growing and darker red flowers that bees and butterflies love 'Pink... And does prefer a sunny site, grows in dry conditions saddle-shaped leaves are purple when immature and smaller p.... To spring large, double, primrose yellow flowers in Autumn Salix Matsudana 'Tortuosa ' twisted Willow Broadly spreading shoots. And overcrowded stems from the base the shade and sheltered conditions x 1.2m sold OUT wisteria plant for sale nz Autumn 2021 Pittosporum! Climbs using tendrils with tiny disc-shaped suckers is fertile, moist winters root, excorticata. A specimen shrub it will fruit all year round with columnar growth habit 8 x sold! So better for use in a warm sheltered site to prevent damage to the garden or in,. From Autumn to winter.They prefer a sunny site, grows in a dark green-tinged red during the winter.. Set leaves and scented spring flowers, sometimes edged with red centres scroll all this way to get facts wisteria., which, when rubbed in water produces a soapy lather suitable for washing with, Dawn redwood a living. Party Home Decor green architectural leaves and blush white flowers in spring and Autumn flowers saponin! Later the black fruits are in clusters, with a pale green umbrella-like canopy,.

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