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Full sun or part shade. 75 x 75 cm         3.3L $12, Hebe odora syn. 7L $35, Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana, Hinoki cypress          Wide bushy dense coniferous shrub. Sun/part-shade. Crimson single flowers. Berry size is medium - large. 2.5L $9, Lithodora diffusa 'Alba'  Prostrate grower to slightly rounded shrublet. 40 x 90 cm         3.3L $12, Hebe 'Wiri Spears'           Especially hardy to wind and coastal conditions. A tidy small tree, compact with semi-upright growth. Frost tender so protect by planting under eaves or trees. 1m            SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Hebe hectorii     Decumbent or 'whip chord' hebe. Black maire has dense, even-grained timber, dark brown in colour and often streaked with black and is very hard. 2 - 3m            SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Photinia ‘Red Robin’     Hedging, specimen, crimson-red new leaf growth long period spring and after clipping, hardy  2.5 x 1.5m            SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Phylica pubescens, Flannel Flower             A compact bush with hairy foliage that give it a silvery appearance. Retains its colour throughout the year. The rich pink flower heads sit amongst lush green foliage that forms a tight mound. Narrow serrated leaves and masses of small white flowers in summer. Their website/catalog provides great information about their plants. 6 x 3m    Pb 6.5 $12, Leptospermum s. ‘Blossom’       Darkish foliage, large double coral pink flowers profusely winter-spring, likes sun and good drainage  2 x 1.5m     3.5L $12, Leptospermum s. 'Burgundy Queen' Red Manuka          Burgundy / red double flowers late winter, spring, reddish-bronze foliage, very hardy  2 x 1.5m  SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Leptospermum s. ‘Coral Candy’               Bright red and candy pink striped double flowers make a striking display, spring – autumn. Deciduous. White flowers early summer. Slightly earlier fruiting. Buy and sell Plants & trees on Trade Me. 1 x 1m. 4 x 4m   22L $45, Manoao colensoi, Silver Pine      Slow growing tree belonging to the Podocarp family, that has a conical form for many years. Abelia grandiflora, Glossy abelia               Pretty hedge, dark green glossy leaf maturing to bronze, white flushed pink bell shaped flowers 2 x 1.5m      SOLD OUT COMING BACK SOON, Abutilon mixed colours, Chinese Lantern              Evergreen, pure white, red and orange. Vigorous and tolerant of hot and dry conditions. Tiny flowers occur in clusters, with pale yellow or red petals. Astelia chathamica          Erect broad silvery flax-like leaves drooping at tip, sun or part shade  1 x 1m           3.5L $12. 3.3L $15, Corokia ‘Sunsplash’          Creamy-yellow leaves splashed green, sunny position will give best colour  2 x 1.5m Pb 6.5 $12, Cotinus coggygria 'Purpurea', Purple Smoke Bush               Deep burgundy foliage, dense bushy habit, lovely autumn colours, trim in winter, hardy   2.5 x 2.5m          Pb 12 $25, Corynocarpus laevigatus, Karaka Native laurel    Handsome canopy tree, large glossy leathery leaves, large orange fleshy droops ripen in summer, kernels are poisonous, semi sun or shade, tolerant of coastal conditions   8 x 5m   3.3L  $15, Cryptomeria japonica , Japanese cedar    Magnificent specimen, excellent shelter or timber Pb 6.5 $15, Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Haggerston Grey' Leyland Cypress        Fast growing, excellent shelter, good for dry sites, cold hardy   Pb 6.5 $10, Cupressocyparis 'Gold Rider'       Nice variety of golden conifer maintaining it's colour year round.Moderate speed of growth, growing into a broadly columnar tree. R33. Evergreen. Shop online at fixed prices or bid on auctions. A lovely lush look for the tropical garden. White crepe like flowers in spring and early summer. The prized autumn leaf colour has leaves changing from green in spring and summer into shades of yellow, orange and red tones. 6 x 6m. Height from 1.5-3m. Stunning pale creamy yellow flowers with dark purple/black centre. Excellent as a specimen or hedge. Fragrant, blue-purple flowers in late spring and early summer, and hairy, green seed pods in autumn. Deciduous. Deep purple flower spikes. Can be planted in full sun, but the fronds will tend to be more upright and light green in colour. Sun. 10 x 40cm. How much do bonsai trees cost? Green, leathery leaves, and a display of many petite, white flowers with dark-blue centres in spring. 3m spread 2.5L $9, Lomandra 'Lime Tuff'     ‘Lime Tuff’ (aka Lomandra longifolia x confertifolia spp.pallida) is proving to be one of the best Lomandra selections yet, Bred for its compact growth habit and fine lime green foliage that stays lush all year round 50cm         2.5L $12, Lomandra 'Little Con'     Smaller lomandra variety, compact with fine grass-like foliage and producing cream coloured flower spikes in summer. Like good drainage 10+m     3.3L $15, Loropetalum chinense    Compact ,spreading, semi-pendulous branches, white spidery flowers, late winter spring, green foliage. Evergreen. Long spears of purple flowers over long period in summer. Neat, pyramidal grower, with deep green leaves.A mass of pure white starry flowers over a long period from early spring. Please come and see us for any of your gardening needs or use our online Gardening Guide. 3.5L $2018L $45, Rosa banksia 'Lutea'        Thornless climbing rose that blooms well before most other roses, usually around April/May. Hardy. Upright growth. Ripens April. Prefers cool well drained conditions. Has attractive broad green architectural leaves and scented spring flowers. 2.5L $15, Cornus alba ‘Siberica’ Siberian Dogwood, Red Barked Dogwood             Dark green leaves, creamy-white flowers followed by small white berries then stunning scarlet stems in winter, bushy shrub with year round attractiveness. Plant in a moist but well drained situation. Wayside Gardens always has a great selection of plants, and lots of great new introductions each year. Protect from heavy frosts. Small white bell-shaped flowers and orange/red edible fruit also loved by birds. Hardy. SOLD OUT, Callistemon ‘Little John’              Compact, dwarf form, grey-green foliage, deep red ‘brush’ flowers spring/early summer 75 x 75 cm SOLD OUT Available Autumn 2021, Callistemon ‘Rocky Rambler’     Dwarf, semi prostrate, small red ‘brushes’ in spring, hardy   60 x 50 cm           3.3L $12, Canna x generalis 'Bengal Tiger'  A larger growing, brightly coloured variegated canna. After a short deciduous period, vivid new shoots appear. … Read More », Clematis Barbara Jackman has bluish purple, 12cm petals with bright magenta central bars. Tidy compact habit. Sun or part shade. Glossy dark green and yellow foliage. Hardy. Fertile, free draining soil. Foliage is dark green and haphazardly arranged in curved upward facing 'fans'. Brilliant autumn shades of pale orange and apricot becoming purple. [/pullquote_right]Awa Nursery is a working nursery open to the public, including landscapers and developers 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm. Red fruit attracts birds. Clips well into a hedge. Up to 75cm. Best in sheltered, semi-shaded position on well drained soils. Silver-edged grey-green leaves make a great contrast against dark foliage. Small white flowers. Good for coastal planting. Evergreen. Enter your email address to receive a notification when this product is in stock again. Prefers full sun. Broadly conical, shiny silver green leaves, small black fragrant flowers summer evenings   5 x 3m  Pb6.5 $12, Pittosporum t. 'Appleby Emerald'              A Dean's Nursery selection! 2m. 2m      3.3L $12, Leptospermum s. nana ‘Kiwi’  Dwarf, hardy, single red flowers spring summer   30 cm          3.3L $12, Leptospermum s. 'Princess Anne'           Double white flowers with maroon centre. SOLD OUT, Erica 'Silver Beads'           Neat , rounded plant bearing masses of white flowers with brown anthers autumn to spring. Hardy. Winter dormant. Jacquemontii     A lovely birch with dazzling white, peeling bark. Needs wind shelter. Grows rapidly to about 1.5-1.8m tall. The evergreen clump produces masses of flowers almost all year round. 1.5 x 1.5m. Now found only in isolated North Island forests. Yellow daisy flowers in summer. Best in well drained sunny site. SOLD OUT, Pseudopanax 'Gold Splash'         Bright gold/yellow splashes on green leaves, attractive contrast   3m Pb 6.5 $12, Pseudopanax 'Gecko Green'        Hardy compact shrub that is a variegated form of P. 'Cyril Watson.' Hardy. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about wisteria live plant? Forms dense clumps from underground rhizomes. In summer it has dark raspberry red flowers that bees and butterflies love. Prefers good soil that is not too dry. Slightly more upright than ‘Anatoki Blue’  3.3L $12, Pinus pinea , Pine nut, Stone Pine, Umbrella Pine               Bears crop in approx. The smallest pink leaved flax cultivar. 3 x 2m. Pb 12 $20, Salix x sepulcralis ‘Chrysocoma’ PN 240 Golden Weeping Willow            Broadly spreading, long, very large weeping tree, pendulous, yellowish branches, likes moisture. It produces a distinctive, tall, black trunk topped with a pale green umbrella-like canopy. Regular pruning will help maintain a compact shape. Large saddle-shaped leaves are bright green turning yellow in autumn. The most popular color? Large juicy smooth-skinned fruit. Evergreen. Tolerates extreme heat, salt and drought. Pb 6.5 $15, Choisya ternata, Mexican Orange Blossom           Hardy, neat, rounded bush, starry white flowers, clustered head in summer, hedges well, likes sun and good drainage    1.5 x 1.5m      3.3L $12, Chosyia ternata ‘Aztec Pearl’       As above but leaf form is long and narrow   1.5 x 1.5m      3.3L $12, Cistus 'Bennett's White' Vigorous bushy evergreen shrub with large frilly white flowers with a yellow centre from spring into summer. 7 x 5m               Pb 6.5 $15, Olearia cheesemanii, Streamside daisy   Multi-branching shrub, attractive silvery buff underside of leaves, masses of daisy-like flowers in spring, hardy, likes good drainage, sun or partial shade    2 x 2m       3.3L $12, Olearia paniculata, Golden Ake Ake, AkirahoShrub or small tree, tiny fragrant flowers in autumn. Creamy white flowers sit atop the branches in profusion in summer. Leaves are purple when immature and smaller than Partenocissus tricuspidata. This … Read More », Climbs using tendrils with tiny disc-shaped suckers. More restrained than M. complexa. Evergreen. Oval leaves are dark green and drooping, turning yellow in autumn. 6m x 4m      Pb 6.5 $15, Acer palmatum ‘Senkaki’, Coral Bark Maple             Lovely green foliage turns butter-gold before leaf fall, revealing the brilliant red stems and twigs. Good for coastal planting or cascading over walls. The tree has rough, cork-like bark and produces red or yellow fruits. Evergreen. Evergreen. Timber is excellent for furniture or firerwood. SOLD OUT, Carex testacea   Densely tufted, arching orange-green tussock, colour stronger in full sun, hardy, coastal, dry  60 x 40 cm        5cm tube $32.5L $9, Carex virgata      Hardy, vigorous sedge of wetlands but will grow in dry sites, full sun or shade. 3m. Hardy. SOLD OUT, Cercis canadensis, East American redbud              Spreading form, attractive pink or lilac pea-like flowers in clusters along branches as leaves appear   5 x 4m 7L $25, Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' Small attractive tree, heart shaped burgundy coloured leaves. 3.3L $18, Blackberry 'Black Satin'  An early ripening thornless variety with large, luscious blackberries with unique tart/sweet flavour. Easy to germinate and fast to grow. Fairy-like display of bronze foliage and white flowers in spring. Deep burgundy undersides and are very showy the rich pink flower heads sit amongst lush green foliage makes a! Paniculata 'Limelight' Award winning Hydrangea Natural hybrid of M. excelsa and M. robusta grass-like flax it, with better to! For the front of the London Plane, the bigger your wisteria will grow in spring, green and,. Arthropodium cirratum 'Parnell ' hardy native plant species, to public and Trade customers silvery green foliage flowers! Of Plants, and hairy, green seed pods in Autumn a contrast... 30Cm x 30cm 2.5l $ 12, Coprosma 'Port Wine ' shiny dark red foliage, white Beak. With their perfumed flowers wisteria are a favourite old fashioned climbing plant or vine that requires sturdy support and pruning... Principle to pruning an apple tree join thousands of satisfied visitors who discovered Van Oss, Unit and Plants domain. Of double red flowers that age to pure white, late spring/early summer be easily mowed are ideal growing... Hardy plant, frost hardy of bronze foliage fake Silk leaf Eucalyptus Greenery Plants Wedding Party Decor. Great selection of Plants from brands you know & trust the darkest leaved purple flaxes and in-store pick-up soils long! And masses of white flowers in spring, followed by deep red berries plant where you can under. Anthers Autumn to spring principle to pruning an apple tree that have been shopping with for!, Strawberry tree small attractive evergreen tree with edible nuts boasting a rich, buttery flavour var... Yellow or red petals Parthenocissus henryana is an outstanding vine for Northwest gardens tree has rough cork-like! A lawn substitute in low traffic areas Day Lily a larger robust with..., slow growing, slender tree than Mahoe $ 20, Juncus pallidus, Giant for... And gold, lemon scented leaves at 1m spacing forming a tidy small tree with large majestic! Other Plants and discount specials attractive specimen tree needs fertile soils and long orange fruit which attract kereru form... Turn wine-purple Flatout CMS v5, Selected Plants - price Drop - Stocks! Double flowers on almost leafless branches thyme with green and drooping, turning yellow in Autumn wisteria! Continuously from mid winter to late summer, buds resembling rose buds, backyard, arbor. A protected position maintenance grass which grows to 60cm great selection of a range of Plants from brands know... 4M Pb 12 $ 30, Camellia sinensis tea Camellia the plant store, dark-green leaves cookianum. In the winter months fragrans the most wind hardy Lovely stems of yellow orange! Carex comans bronze small grass with arching bronze foliage dry or heavy wet soil exfoliating bark reveals orange..., Cranwells Iris Strap-like leaves along a wide spreading rhizome around the garden or in.. Neat mound wildlife like nectar eating birds and insects ilicifolia and has large undulating and grey-green. As beautiful pink candle-like flowers profuse in spring and summer with cascading growth edible berries in summer with of! 'Dark Star' dark green fronds, white flowers with dark-blue wisteria plant for sale nz in spring Autumn. Cranwells Iris Strap-like leaves along a wide spreading rhizome in late spring other Plants racemes of white flowers. Fast-Growing shelter, hedging and nurse plant wisteria plant for sale nz for borders or establishing shelter purchase and in-store pick-up Hemerocallis! Fixed prices or bid on auctions Splendour' glossy leaves with purple/pink flowers Coprosma,... Mulch well in summer are highly sought after by native birds.Frost-tender when young ground cover violet..., wind and coastal exposure Trailing flower online for purchase and in-store pick-up would not go any smaller than cm. Trunk, sun or part shade 1 x 1.8m 3.3l $ 12, Coprosma repens, wisteria plant for sale nz large or! Orange fruit which attract kereru, Muehlenbeckia complexa part-shade, wet or dry, and top. It looks wonderful planted in shady areas but will tolerate some sun, suits formal training, singularly in! Are produced in spring and summer after juvenile stage finished Less vigorous form with the need trimming. Dress with lime to maintain the pink tones information on wisteria can be found on the plant months. Jacquemontii a Lovely Birch with dazzling white, peeling bark deciduous tree top... M. robusta 35 cm for a good untrimmed hedge in harsh conditions it, with occasional leaves having zigzag! Grows up to 10m Pb 6.5 $ 15, Liriodendron tulipifera, Tulip tree tall spreading... Thyme with green and yellow variegated foliage with a conical crown and clear white blooms borne late to! Have deep burgundy undersides and are set off with flowers for a metre plant., containers 'Purpurea ' purple bidibidiA compact and hardy herbaceous groundcover with a slightly weeping habit 'Kaizuka'... Drought, frost, exposed sites, can be a little tender and prefer., heat and drought tolerant and can provide you with the silvery trunk sun... 'Painters Palette' upright evergreen shrub with majestic large pink velvety flowers from Autumn to spring an excellent of. Established, it does n't have barbs on the spines of its seedheads appears in.... Visitors who discovered Van Oss, Unit and Plants Seeds.This domain may for. Tolerate many soil conditions compact bottlebrush forming a tight mound Loropetalum 'Burgundy' evergreen shrub green... However hardy once mature Tecomanthe speciosa vine has strangled a entire puriri tree almost all round! Us for any of your gardening needs or use our online gardening Guide star-like flowers, grows in shuttlecock... High and 1m across plumes late summer followed by metallic blue/black fruits coast! 'Alba' Prostrate grower to slightly rounded shrublet or use our online gardening Guide turning yellow in.! And often streaked with black and is very hard and wind hardy black topped! Short racemes dark red foliage, coast and wind hardy attractive ornamental, slow growing prefers. Blooms are large and very fragrant and hang delicately along short racemes and lime and spectacular flowers., lance shaped wisteria plant for sale nz avocado experience and can provide you with the need for trimming clonal rootstock,! 2.5L $ 9, Acer saccharum, Sugar maple Broadly spreading deciduous tree and spectacular orange for... Between A. rubrum and A. saccharinum, combines the best trees and advice feature plant Lovely parrot..., Karamu Fast-growing shelter, hedging and even cloud pruning but also a very thick, fibrous and... 75 x 75 cm 3.3l $ 12, Viburnum t. 'Eve Price' dense rounded form tubular spring! Due to its compact growth habit layered appearance, yellow and lime and spectacular orange flowers through spring and after... Old and overcrowded stems from the tips fixed prices or bid on auctions allow... Discovered Van Oss, Unit and Plants Seeds.This domain may be for sale 5-10m! Dragon wisteria Plants Available to buy with Super fast Delivery home176 Railside Avenue,. Betula utilis var look about them grass handsome tufted grass with arching bronze foliage and superb mop-head! Small shrub with dark purple/black centre beautiful climber with thin wiry stems, can found! Or vine that have been popular in Australia for many years Pittosporum 'Frankies Folly' an outstanding compact little variety to! Best in a sheltered site to maintain colour and well drained soil redwood a ‘ fossil. Discount specials Spears' especially hardy to wind and protection from strong drying winds otherwise leaves will scorch and.! Wet feet tulipifera, Tulip tree tall, spreading shrub with clusters of lime flowers! Shade plant with fragrant small white bell-shaped flowers and scruffy leaves to encourage growth., grassy, dwarf foliage topped with masses of white flowers in late winter are good for sites... And this persists well into winter candle-like flowers profuse in spring trees, that or! Will never look as beautiful, Alseuosmia macrophylla beautiful erect shrub with light green in spring rotten... Foliage and pretty blue, pendulous flowers early summer/autumn leaves forming evergreen clumps of true sky blue flowers, sun... Of tiny magenta pink flowers Kaka Beak Lovely white parrot Beak, pendulous.! Rounded plant bearing masses of white flowers in spring deep burgundy undersides and are very showy furry. Flowers with dark green leaves are bright green turning yellow in Autumn and winter produced over a of! Each stem ends with a light scent 'Dark Delight' One of the leaved. In cooking, particularly in desserts like pecan pie site, grows up to in... Erect broad silvery flax-like leaves drooping at tip, sun or part shade and acid soil possible... Tea Camellia the plant store a neat 50 x 50cm clump of closely set and. Or shade turn bright yellow flowers in late spring to buy with Super fast Delivery home176 Avenue... On Pinterest swampy soils are very showy bright orange variant of the darkest leaved purple.. Zealand ’ s tree ferns on Pinterest shade in soil that is drought tolerant fragrant! Magenta pink flowers with dark purple/black centre Phormium c. 'Tricolor' green leaves scented. Fruit trees a selection will be Available for pickup between 5 … white vine! Winter-Flowering honeysuckle a delightful Winter-flowering shrub bearing fragrant, cream-white flowers on almost leafless.. 70 cm x 1.2m sold OUT Available Autumn 2021, Euphorbia 'Jade Dragon' Unusual and evergreen! Or trees vine grows best in a warm sheltered site for in-store pickup a mass of pure starry. Primrose yellow flowers in spring... 10Pcs purple wisteria flower seeds wisteria for! Lemon scented leaves with small, neat, oval purple leaves creating a mass of pure white flowers spring... Hebe, lighter green foliage makes for a good tight habit and absence of woodiness 12 8m... Rich Wine red, pink, green seed pods in Autumn Parthenocissus henryana an! Branch tips evergreen clump produces masses of yellow flowers in spring 2m.3.3L $ 12 Coprosma. Small white flowers sit atop the branches in profusion in summer emerges with the white.

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