uci music major

Facilities. UCI Dance presents their annual premier dance concert drawing upon the fusion of dance, music and theatrical elements. The dance faculty will choreograph and reveal new and exciting works through … Why a degree in Music from UCI. 2-YEAR SAMPLE PLAN FOR B.A. The eligibility requirements for sophomore-level transfer students and native UCI students are (1) at least one year in good standing as a UCI Drama major; (2) completion of DRAMA 130 or DRAMA 136 and at least one section of either DRAMA 135 or DRAMA 142, all at UCI… The Claire Trevor School of the Arts has four departments: Art, Dance, Drama, and Music. MUSIC MAJOR TRANSFERS Assumes: Full-time status (12 or more quarter units) Upper-division writing as a major course University Requirements satisfied No summer … After graduating, many music majors go on to earn masters and doctoral … Located near the coast in Orange County, Irvine is an hour south of Los Angeles, a major art world center with vibrant contemporary music … Majors. The Department of Film and Media Studies at UC Irvine provides students with a strong liberal arts background by combining theory and practice, giving our majors … All students interested in Music Theatre enter UC Irvine as Drama majors. Our faculty research such topics as new technologies and new kinds of science that shape, and are shaped by, culture; music… About the Department. UCI's Anthropology major specializes in sociocultural anthropology, the subfield of anthropology devoted to the comparative and in-depth study of culture. UCI's BA (not BMus) in music is a really flexible degree plan, you might even consider the double major. The Music Department in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UC Irvine is fortunate to have exceptional facilities for electronic and computer music. Auditions for courses happen once you arrive on campus as an accepted Drama student. UCI Department of Film and Media Studies. UC Irvine is a quickly growing campus within one of the nation’s leading research university systems. Please see the UCI General Catalogue for details about specific major … The department has spaces dedicated to digital recording, computer music composition, interactive computer music research, sound design, computer-assisted instruction, telematic performance, and analog electronic music … Please browse each department page for more information. A caution: if you decide to take the 15/16 Theory and Musicianship series then go in … Auditions are REQUIRED FOR ALL APPLICANTS, including Freshmen and Transfer applicants, those choosing Music as a primary OR alternate major, and current UCI students who want to add Music as a major… All those interested in Music Theatre at UCI … Currently, there is no audition for the Department of Drama or the University. Both our degrees provide a secure foundation in the academic and applied study of music.

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