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Shorefront Update #006
July 30, 2014
Graves collection

Settled and growing — that best sums up the activities of Shorefront over the summer months at Shorefront. Highlighting Shorefront’s activities are the acquisitions of new archives from community members and organizations.

Morton Scrapbook
Morton Scrapbook

Earlier in the spring (and in previous years), Lorraine H. Morton had donated many items to shorefront of both her and her husband, James, a clinical psychologist who worked at Tuskegee Institute before returning back to Evanston. Included in the collection is their photo album/scrapbook and James’ course book when he attended ETHS.

Speaking of schools, generational Evanstonian Horace Kris Graves donated items of his mother, Rachel Graves. The collection includes press photographs at Great Lakes Naval Base near Waukegan, Illinois where she worked — images right before the desegregation process in the military. Graves was involved in the 20th Century Golf Club, part of the United Golf Association — an African American association as the PGA was segregated. Lastly, her scrapbook during her college years at Fisk University c1930.

Long time president of the Evanston Branch NAACP, Bennett Johnson, donated 12 boxes relating to his work with the organization. This valuable collection connects directly with the Evanston NAACP archives Shorefront acquired last summer.

Also adding to current archives are additional items from Ebenezer AME Church to include photographs, architectural elevation drawings of both the church and of the Jacob Blake Manor.

McMillan Videos

The McMillan family generously donated documents related to various social organizations the couple was instrumental in chartering local chapters. Also included in the collection are over 100 video taped banquets and social activities dating back to 1982.

Shorefront also received a donation of over 350 obituaries from Brenda Williams that will be added to our existing collection of over 1,100. This is an important collection of printed obituaries containing photos, biographies and service program.

Jack and Jill North Shore Chapter is steadily growing, and after an early summer visit to the legacy center with their junior high group, the organization plans to donate more to the collection. The North Shore chapter was formed in 1976 with many participants who grew up in the organization are currently active throughout the North Shore.

Lastly, the Gigi Giles has donated and continues to compile artifacts of her father, the late Marshal Giles (Ebony Barbershop) in memory of his life and work at the shop.

With growing archives, Shorefront is alway looking for interns interested in archiving, library services or history. Past interns from Lake Forest and Dominican University through the BMRC, have processed 80% of our current holdings. Interning at Shorefront is a hands-on experience and the opportunity to meet the actual donors.

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