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August 06, 2013
Original Shorefront Journals
Original Shorefront Journals

It has been exactly one year since we made the transition from a print format to the online format of the Shorefront Journal — the first post was on August 6, 2012. From what we have observed, we feel that this has been a successful transition and has attracted new readership.

Shorefront has over 370 followers

Our original printed journal came out four times a year with a print run of 300. With production, writing, time, printing and postage costs, the publication continued to increase with circulation limited a small print run.

Since our move to the online version, we have averaged 24 visits a day and nearly 700 visits per month. In addition, the site invited comments to articles that added valuable information and clarity. The site, in turn, feeds into our social presence on Twitter, Facebook and other WordPress authors. This is very encouraging for Shorefront as it has over 370 followers.

Shorefront Journal 2012
Shorefront Journal 2012

In addressing long term permanence, at the end of every calendar year, Shorefront makes available an annual journal compiling all of the articles and comments for the year. The annual Shorefront Journal issues are available to order and are delivered directly to your home or institution through, an online self publishing site. Shorefront Journal Volume 00 2012 is available now for $12.

Shorefront is excited about the possibilities with the online journal as it has increased Shorefronts core mission focus points: collect, preserve and educate.

Order your copy of Shorefront Journal

Shorefront Journal online is a contributed journal and has enjoyed submissions from a wide variety of contributors. Scholars, interns, novice and first time posters have all made the site an engaging environment. Since the start, we have had 13 contributors and 42 articles. If you are interested, feel free to submit your article for review. See our submissions guideline here.

Thank you to the following contributors: Janet Alexander-Davis, Patrick Carr, Shawna Cooper-Gibson, PhD., Rhonda K. Craven, Tracy Francis, Petina Dixon-Jenkins, Doria Johnson, Parneshia Jones, Krislyn Placide, Dino Robinson, Herman Ratliff, Joi-Anissa Russell, and Dustin Witsman — Thank you all and keep the articles coming!

2 thoughts on “Our first Full Year!
  1. Janet Alexander Davis

    One thing about your new format for Shorefront Journal, it makes it easier to
    access past and present articles and information that I would have had to ask
    for through a visit to the Shorefront archives. With this new format, I am able
    to answer questions from my community about our local history or make points in
    discussions having quick and searchable access throughout the Journal’s site.

    What I do terribly miss is the printed quarterly version. Those were collectors
    items that could be saved and shared with others. As you know, many readers are
    not computer savvy nor will go near a computer due to fear of machines. I
    realize myself, as with others, that I will have to walk into the computer
    future one step at a time— the library will be one step to pick up a old version
    of Shorefront while at the same time, use a computer to assess valuable news on
    our local African American history, present and future accomplishments…..Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

    August 15, 2013 Reply
    • shorefront journal

      Thank you Janet. One of the goals with the online journal is to create searchable content accessible to all with internet connection, especially important for students in schools. We to miss the original printed version. However, the benefits of the online version outweigh the previous — larger audience, linkable content and greater accessibility. We acknowledge the importance of printed issues. With that, we do have the annual that is printed. The first issue (2012) was released back in January 2013 and is available to order on line and delivered to your home. If you are local, we also have copies at our museum. The link to order is within the article as well as a clickable image of the publication on each page.
      Thank you for your interest and please spread the word!

      August 16, 2013 Reply
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