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Shorefront Memories #002
June 27, 2013


In many occasions, Shorefront receives unidentified photographs to be included in the Archives such as the one above. This photo was taken c1900 and was in the possession of a long-time Evanston resident and was stored in a basement for the last 20 years. Shorefront used this image for the cover of the first Shorefront Journal  Annual edition.

Even though there is very little information, the photo can illustrate a period of time. A few questions that come to our mind were: “What group is this?”, “What are they posing for?”, “Are they from the north shore?”, “What were their aspirations?”. What do you see in the photo? Share your thoughts. . . or, even better, if you can identify anyone, please share with us.

One thought on “Shorefront Memories #002
  1. Cornelius D. Scott

    That is a very distinguish looking photo. My first thought was…to see a group of well dressed and sophisticated looking BLACK MEN!!. (and good looking). They look too be well educated, beyond high school level. I would not be surprised if some of them, if not all were enterpreneurs. I love photos like this…..they inspired me to do great things for the Lord.

    June 27, 2013 Reply
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